Full Version: Google isn't the Only Phone Company around!
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If your sales rely only o-n Google ad-sense and Google traffic or adwords then you might be in for a big dissapointment. In case you choose to learn further about, there are heaps of databases you might pursue. Regular search engine ranking positions will make or break you. I am aware. I have been there. To get a different way of interpreting this, we know people check out: Riding high on Google ratings then dropping such as for instance a 2 ton steel inside the sea.

Don't put all your eggs in one basket. There are several other ways to drive traffic to your internet site and depending on just one, like Google, is just plain bad marketing efforts.

Yahoo, Yahoo's YPN, and other search engines alongside pay-per-click programs can bring you additional traffic and probably a lot more revenue.

I actually have Google Adsense and Yahoo's YPN ads on my site and I could tell you today that Yahoo's YPN is paying me THREE-TIMES the quantity that Adsense is paying. Why? Unsure, because both advertisements are included for a passing fancy based keywords. I separated pages up equally between Ad-sense ads and YPN ads and Yahoo may be the 'greater Daddy.'

'He who just sets one iron in-the fire won't set the world alight'

Spread your advertising in several different ways. Test, test, then test again. Improve your pages for good information and keyword density and then allow the se's gobble that. DON'T enhance your pages for Google just. You might number 1 nowadays and then number 378 the moment they have their next algorythm change. Nothing they do is 'personal', but it sure fells like it when they dig in your pocket after all of the work-you did to create THEM happy. Visit to learn the purpose of this belief. What I do not understand is just why Google is constantly changing except that it provides designers something to do for all those significant paychecks. If it ain't broke, why fix it? Google is constantly 'fixing' a well oiled machine.

The other day I was searching for the first few pages and business loans were all listings from the UK even though I was on the main search engine, and not the If I had wanted a loan, I'd to look several pages deep to find o-n in the usa.

Ppc sites:

1. Google! Search Marketing includes a well-organized system.

2. Miva directs your keyword text ads on top of a distribution partner community.

3. GoClick no monthly fee, no startup fee, and low 1 penny CPC

4. 7Search effects can be found in more than 357 of the top 15-0 search engines

5. Kanoodle has partnerships with internet sites CNET, DogPile, NetZero and more

6. Search123 activities some cool tools to assist you get a grip on your pay-per-click budget.

There are MANY other search-engines and marketing opportunities for you out there. Just shop around to get them. After awhile you'll note that Google isn't the only real phone company in town even though they become it!.
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